PBR Art Contest 2019


The Brief

Every year Pabst Blue Ribbon hosts a contest to design their summer beer cans. The contest was open to the general public and contestants can submit multiple designs. I submitted my designs in the fall of 2018 for the following summer. A template was provided but very little specifications were required other than the art fitting the template. However I decided after reviewing the past years winners that I was going to stick to PBR’s color palette and keep their logo prominent. Below are the final two sketches that I decided to move forward with.


Chasing PBR

My first concept I relied heavily on my personal illustration style. I wanted the image to representative of my past works and showcase my classic masked Dokebi character. The PBR logo is presented straight on with the art built up around it to keep the can a classic beer label feel. Although this image was originally sketched out in Adobe Photoshop this image was finalized in Adobe Illustrator and mocked up in Adobe Dimensions.


The Cut

My second concept was was more heavily inspired by craft beer labels. I wanted the image to feel unique, rough and hand made. As a result this entire image was done in Adobe Photoshop for texture and then mocked up in Adobe Dimensions. Although this illustration strays a bit from my traditional style I continued to employ certain motifs to brand it as my own, such as the Dokebi mask, patch and smoke.

Sound Society

A few weeks after submitting my designs I received an email from PBR’s Sound Society Brand Manager. Sound Society is PBR’s music department responsible for hosting concerts and other events. She extended an invitation to their own competition, which was closed to the public, which I was thrilled to accept. When developing this design I relied heavily on my first concept. I kept the logo front and prominent, while surrounding it with characters and instruments in my illustration style. Ultimately this design was not selected but I’m honored to have been asked to compete.