Crooked path company


the brief

This personal project was an exercise in improving my branding, logo design and photo retouching. I’ve wanted to work on a clothing brand for some time and haven’t had the opportunity yet so I created my own. The concept was purposed to me to create a streetwear brand that represented something I valued. I decided on the idea of travel. As I explored this concept further I developed a language around an unconventional and nomadic lifestyle. However, as a streetwear brand the trick was to make the brand still look clean and youthful and not fall into the pitfalls of making it rugged or granola.


I landed on the name Crooked Path Company from the idea of intentionally following a misleading road for the adventure of it. The adventure being in the journey rather than the destination also spawn the sub title Lose Your Way. Implying that in losing ones way one might find more adventures. After brainstorming key works and ideas I developed a Brand Philosophy, which is directly below, that guided the rest of the designs.


To push the project further I developed ads for the brand. The images were pulled from Unsplash and converted into mockups The words were carefully paired to each model to represent both the model’s personality and the brand’s philosophy.