We open on globe rotating amidst a clutter of files, messages and emails.
 The camera zooms out as the clutter continues to spin around. The globe pauses as four location pins pop up in different parts of the world.
 The pins turn into 4 character icons that are gesturing and talking and trying to coordinate with each other amidst the chaos of files, messages and emails.
 Suddenly a Slack logo pops up and surprises the characters. They stop talking and look at it.
 The Slack logo organizes the files, messages and emails into a clean conversation stream in the Slack Desktop UI.
 We zoom out and see the full desktop UI as all the characters are now able to coordinate easily in the Slack channel.
 We zoom out and see the Slack UI on the desktop of one of the characters as messages continue to pop up.
 We cut to the title.  TITLE: Easily collaborate with your entire team.
 Cut to the Slack Logo.
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